People tend to shop online these days rather than visiting a store because a wide range of varied Delta 8 products are available compared to the store in their locality. It may also be possible that the specific product that they require might not be in the store but only online. Even though discounts are available, due to delivery charges and service taxes, people are not able to devour their favorite gummies or concentrates. Though there are some websites that who have Delta 8 gummies’ free shipping throughout the states.

Sometimes in order to use the free delivery facility people tend to fall in trap of fraud platforms who don’t deliver the product but obtain the payment and then cease the order or give low quality products. So, it is necessary to identify official and authentic platforms that actually provide Delta 8 gummies free shipping with no compromise in the quality. Some of them are:

  1. GummyJoy- They provide free shipping on all order done above $49 to almost all the states except a few like Delaware, Alaska, Montana and Rhode Island.
  1. ExhaleWellness- They provide free shipping over all the orders with no minimum expense through all the states within the USA originally being in California.
  1. Planet Delta- Just like ExhaleWellness, they are open to free delivery over all the orders and they excellent customer service system with 30-day return policy.
  1. Diamond CBD- With a guarantee of speedy delivery, they have free shipping for products over $100.

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